"To feel safer in our cities,
we need to recover something we've lost – human contact."
Architect Macarena Rau Vargas, Corporation for the Prevention of Crime through Environmental Design

Join our community

Join City-Zen’s community of volunteers, friends and forward thinkers – share in the respect, see a community where people unite, take action and create lasting change. Take action, donate, mobilise or simply follow us on social media.

Donate equipment

City-Zen could not exist without your help We also receive donations that help keep us operational – Refuse bags, brooms, petrol, etc.

Green the city

Donate a tree – a recent study indicates that tree planting is the best way to mitigate climate change. City-Zen will be planting trees on a regular basis.


Donate your time – City-Zen needs always needs extra hands. Participate in one of our monthly volunteering programmes. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

When you donate or volunteer with City-Zen, you contribute to your community.


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